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What is the FitzBrick ClampTM?

The FitzBrick ClampTM is a lightweight, multi-use hand clamp. This is a tool that has been designed by a Bricklayer, not a BRICK LIAR!

Bricklayers worldwide will find this tool an essential addition to their tool bag. It is a device that has been designed to simplify and speed up pulling a line. This is a durable tool, manufactured from stainless steel in Great Britain – not China – and is sold in pairs.


Freddie Allabush

These clamps are absolutely brilliant. Fantastic design, fantastic build quality and a great addition to my tool bag.



Really well made. Very fast to put the line up and strong and stable even over long runs.

YouTube Influencer

Charlie Collison

Really good bit of kit. I'd feel lost without them now.


Paul Winter

I have purchased these clamps. They're the best. No more pin holes.

Intellectual Property Office Patent Number: GB2004280.0
European Union Intellectual Property Office Community Design Registration Number: 008025522-0001